2:17AM May 28, 2021

Leslie Garlinghouse

Just wondering why all of the zones say gathering community interest means And wondering when Olathe 148 will have Internet

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4:42PM June 14, 2021

Becky Mashburn
Hi Leslie, This is a recent change to our construction process. Unfortunately, the remaining zones were not gathering enough interest to meet our preregistration requirements, so we shifted our strategy. We are no longer collecting preregistrations as part of a construction goal. Now, the best way to build our network within the remaining areas is by using grant funds from state and federal programs. We still encourage people to submit their interest because that information helps us with our grant applications. Robert is correct, a portion of Olathe 148 was approved to received grant funding. It is now listed as North Mesa on our zone map. Unfortunately, I believe your home is just outside of the approved area. I'm so sorry!

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12:28PM June 06, 2021

Robert Walraven
Our Zone has a grant approved and they are doing construction on it now, hoping for late summer installs!!