11:32AM May 17, 2022

Jim Adams

I've be pre-registered since it became available, but alas, I'm in 363 Montrose north and we're still "gathering interest"... could the problem be, at least in part, because point to point wireless and Clear Networks fiber both, at least partly cover much of the (poorly defined) "zone". I'm sincerely considering calling Clear Networks since the point to point I use fails at least once a month. If I do get clear networks I'll be retracting my pre-registration with Elevate, because paying installation fees twice would not be very wise, and I may be leaving the Montrose area within 5 years.

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7:05AM June 07, 2022

Diane Sanders
An update would be helpful but I can't find anything on the website. I'll be moving into the same N 363 zone by the end of the year and would really like to know if Elevate will there by then. I have it at my home now and it's great. I hope it will easy to make a clean transition and not have to rely Spectrum or satellite.