10:09AM November 07, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi William, If you click on the areas tab, you'll see that there are currently 9 areas listed. These are considered active zones and are the 9 zones we launched the project with. You can see the progress and even the number of preregistrations needed in order to meet the signup goal. If you are not located within one of those zones, you are part of the DMEA Area. This means that you're just not in an active zone yet, but that we still need you to preregister and express interest in Elevate. This interest will drive our future construction plan. Be on the lookout on this website within the next few months. We hope to be able to list all zones within our service territory so that you can see exactly what you're asking for: how close your neighborhood is to the goals, how many signups are needed to reach the goals, etc. The timeline is directly related to how quickly a zone reaches its goal. Right now, we don't know when Cedaredge will be installed. When all zones (approx. 41) within the DMEA service territory are designed and available on the website, we'll have a better understanding of how close Cedaredge is to meeting its preregistration goal. Thanks!