7:52AM November 17, 2016

Shelby Kunz

Is there anyone we can talk to about Montrose W being lumped into basically this giant area of open country? I literally live within city limits in a fairly new subdivision close to where spring creek rd meets country road 6400. Everywhere around us in about a 2 mile radius is nothing but residential subdivisions where I see tons of signs for Elevate fiber. Yet for some reason we're lumped into this GIANT area of farm lands that goes west, why is this? All these subdivisions are just barely south east of the center of Montrose yet we have to wait till all the farms sign up too? That seems like a major oversight. Charter exists in all of these subdivisions, we have more people in our subdivisions who would easily switch to you guys than some of the tiny areas like Montrose 417, 426, 427, 425, or 416. I would be more than happy to go door to door convincing people to switch if I knew that if County Road 6300 west was it's own area, but instead we literally have like 95% farm lands in our area even though our tiny little area to the east are all residential subdivisions. Heck, I helped build a lot of these houses out here because they are Habitat homes, we're actually overloaded on Charter as is, they have too many people on the lines and have tons of issues at the moment in our subdivision, it's been like this for months. People would GLADLY switch. =)