10:04AM November 17, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Shelby, Good question! Our zones are actually designed by our electric feeders—aka power lines. So, the reason you are assigned to the Montrose W 428 is because you receive electric service from those power lines. The fiber will follow the power lines from our substations to the distribution lines and ultimately to the home, which means switching zones isn’t possible. We can’t provide fiber service to you from another zone because you can’t be connected or served from a different line. We base our goal of needed signups on a percentage of meters within the zone. Some zones have more meters and therefore need more signups than others. This is the case with many of our Montrose zones. Going door-to-door is a great place to start and we appreciate any help we can get in that area. Covering the entire DMEA service territory is a multi-year project, so all we can ask for is your continued support, help spreading the word, and of course, patience! Thanks!