1:14PM November 17, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Shelby, You’re right, 1,100 is a big number and a big goal. This is a multi-year project, so it may take time to get your zone to its goal. As we move forward in the project, we will work very hard to get the word out in each zone and get people signed up. You can help by sending postcards to your neighbors through this website and emails to your contacts. Follow us on Facebook and share and like our posts – www.facebook.com/ElevateFiber. We have yard signs, t-shirts, and info cards that champions, like you, are welcome to have and help distribute. Remember, Elevate is less than 6 months old and we already have more than 4,000 people preregistered—those numbers are staggering! I hope you won’t lose hope. Elevate was launched because members, like you, were being denied quality high-speed internet by major providers. They didn’t think the “country folk” needed or wanted it. Help us prove them wrong, just like we did more than 75 years ago!