8:33AM November 18, 2016

Becky Mashburn Admin

Hi Paul, Preregistrations will drive the construction process. Each zone is designed based upon our feeders—electric lines—so each zone has a different amount of meters. The number of preregistrations needed for a zone to reach his goal is based on a percentage of those meters. This means you don’t have to get all homes and businesses within your zone signed up in order to meet your goal. On average, our goals are based on approximately 35% - 65%. Its important to remember, that this business model was put in place to protect DMEA ratepayers—you—and minimize risk. We have services for both residential homes and businesses and intend to serve our “urban” and rural members—even those at the far end of the line. Check out the areas tab and you’ll see that areas you might assume didn’t want our service are leading the charge! As far as timeline, it really does depend on how quickly your zone reaches its goal. On our part, we have a pretty intense marketing plan and are slowing working to get out in each community and zone. I ask for your patience because yes, the total build out of Elevate will take years. We’re installing 4,000 miles of fiber across our territory of 33,000 meters—all because our members are being denied fast, reliable internet. We can use your help too! Elevate is a grassroots effort and we have many members in other areas who have become our champions, spreading the word to their neighbors, touting the benefits of fiber, and canvassing their zones to help get people preregistered. Would you be interested in helping? Just let us know.