1:51PM December 03, 2016

Kenneth Mason

We are so close in Orchard City, but yet so far. . . But I have some questions regarding services. I'm considering have my phone go through Elevate. I currently am using a VOIP service for my home phone. I moved up here a year ago from Denver so my home number is the same as it was in Denver and I want to keep that number which is for the 303 exchange. I've got 35 years of life around that number. Will I be able to keep that number? Next, is it possible to get a static ip rather than dynamic and if so, is there an associated cost with that? And my final question. . . What is the make and model of the router that you are going to be using. I'd like to do a little reading up on it before it gets installed. Thanks for your help. I appreciate it. Ken