Internet, TV, and Phone Service

Enter your address above to find out if Elevate is available in your neighborhood. We offer the fastest and most reliable high-speed internet for both homes and businesses. That means you can surf, stream, work, game and more all without buffering because Elevate's service is delivered on a rock-solid 100% fiber network. Did we mention that there are NO DATA CAPS, and we also offer simple TV and reliable phone too? Check out all of our products below.

Limited Time Offers

SPEED BOOST - 1 Gig Internet

Starts at $54.95

Save $25/month and never buffer again! Get started with Elevate's fastest 1 Gig (1,000 Mbps/1,000 Mbps) internet, and you'll be able to work, learn, game, stream, scroll, shop, pin, post, and video chat without skipping a beat. Plus, for a limited time, you can try our 1 Gig internet for the first three months at the discounted price of $54.95/month - a $75 savings!


Home Phone

Starts at $30.00

Elevate home gives you unlimited local and long distance calling, plus advanced features to keep communication flowing. Includes one line.

Battery Backup

Starts at $4.95

When the power goes out, get peace of mind knowing your phone service stays up and running. Our stackable backup batteries are offered in 8-hour increments up to 24 hours total.

Home Television


Starts at $129.95

Take your TV to the next level with this ultimate package. Even more sports, kids, and entertainment channels to satisfy every member of your family. Get 120+ channels.

Click here to check out the channel lineup.

Local Lineup $40.95

Starts at $40.95

Just the basics, plus a FREE video-on-demand library, 100 DVR hours, and tons of your favorite traditional cable features, like replay and on-the-go content. Enjoy 20+ local broadcast channels over a crystal-clear and reliable fiber connection. No wasted channels here!

Click here to check out the channel lineup.

Expanded TV $109.95

Starts at $109.95

Build on the basic local lineup: This mid-level package adds in just the right amount of your family favorites, movies, and sports channels from popular networks. 70+ channels.

Click here to check out the channel lineup.

Home Internet

1,000 Mbps - Home Internet

Starts at $79.95

If your family has device overload, this is the plan for you! Work from home, download HD movies, upload and transfer data, game online, all at incredible speed. 1 Gig download/1 Gig upload.

150 Mbps - Home Internet

Starts at $54.95

Great internet for everyday family use. Surf, stream, and share on 5 devices all without buffering—150 Mbps download/150 Mbps upload.

Additional Home Services

Wi-Fi Extender

Starts at $5.95

Get powerful Wi-Fi in every corner of your home! An Elevate Wi-Fi booster will ensure you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, whether you’re watching movies in the bonus room or gaming in the den. Great for large or multi-story homes. Includes a free app with parental controls, content filters, and extra security.

Advanced Install

Starts at $50.00

For an additional $50, connect up to 12 of your Wi-Fi devices! No need to worry about how you're going to connect your TV's, thermostat, printer, and even your desktop computer to the internet. Elevate's advanced install gives you peace-of-mind knowing that everything in your home is connected and working before we step out the door.

Complete Home

Starts at $9.95

Get the white-glove treatment from the start with an advanced install (valued at $150) for the price of a standard install, plus ongoing support to manage your home's many Wi-Fi connections. You'll have extra peace-of-mind knowing that if your router fails, we'll replace it for free, no questions asked.

• 1-year contract
• 1 FREE home tech visit during business hours annually
• Additional home visits 50% off, unlimited
• Up to 3 guest Wi-Fi networks

Static IP

Starts at $10.00

Add one fixed IP address for just $10.00/month.

Wi-Fi Mapping

Starts at $95.00

Elevate technicians will ensure your home Wi-Fi network is as powerful as possible throughout your home. This two-hour Wi-Fi audit will provide you a clear map of your home’s coverage, identify areas with less than ideal service, provide recommendations, and certify guaranteed service levels that you can reference as you add new devices. 

For Business

150 Mbps - Business Internet

Starts at $79.95

With 150 Mbps internet, your business can connect multiple workstations, offer customer WiFi, and depend on Elevate's 99.9% service guarantee. With symmetrical speeds (150 Mbps download/150 Mbps upload), your employees will no longer have to wait on the internet to get the job done.  Every business internet customer gets a 99.9% service guarantee and a 4-hour repair response time.

300 Mbps - Business Internet

Starts at $159.95

Boost your speed and access your cloud services, transfer data and large files, and run video security systems all without delay. Connect multiple workstations and wireless devices (15 - 35 on average), plus offer super-fast customer WiFi. Get a dedicated IP and network with personalized business level support. And remember, every business internet customer gets a 99.9% service guarantee and a 4-hour repair response time.

1,000 Mbps - Business Internet

Starts at $319.95

With 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig) business internet, there are no limits. Run every system, device, and workstation smoothly (connect 35+ employees), plus manage remote servers, internal networks, and cloud services with ease. With symmetrical speeds (1,000 Mbps download/1,000 Mbps upload), a dedicated connection, local and personalized support, a 99.9% service guarantee, and 4-hour repair response time, you'll never need to worry about your business internet again. 

Standard Business Phone

Starts at $50.00

Elevate's standard business phone includes two lines, unlimited local and long distance calling, plus advanced features to keep your communications flowing.