Elevate is headed to parts of Crawford 57

10:36AM November 19, 2018

Not surprisingly, Crawford 57 is one of our largest and most rural zones. In our quest to find the best way to bring fiber to the homes and businesses in Crawford 57, we’ve been (and still are) pursuing state and federal grant programs. This process has caused us to create a subzone in Crawford 57. And good news, it is at goal! Members living within the Crawford 57 subzone can expect live service in early 2019.

While the news isn’t quite so good for the remaining portions of Crawford 57, the changes do improve Elevate’s ability to apply for even more grant funding for the zone. AND, rest assured, we’re already pursuing any and all opportunities! 

So, what’s next? Members in the Crawford 57 subzone can get their name on the list for home installation early by signing their service agreement. Just give us a call at 877-687-3632 and we’ll confirm your location in the subzone and send your service agreement. Members in the remaining areas of Crawford 57 will continue to work toward the zone’s preregistration goal. Our work isn’t over either—Elevate will keep searching for and applying for grant funds to help us build Crawford 57 and other zones like it. 

As we persist with these grant opportunities, we know the wait will be frustrating. Your commitment to us is not taken lightly and we truly appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us to bring you a better, more reliable internet connection.


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