5:24PM March 29, 2017

Congratulations to all those who live in Hotchkiss 48—your zone has reached its preregistration goal to move to the next phase in construction!

We will communicate with all those preregistered via email so make sure your join.elevatefiber.com account has the correct email address noted, sign in here to check. Make sure to spread the news to your neighbors too, as they will want to make sure they are on the list and can take advantage of the limited time $100 installation fee (includes free WiFi router) before construction is completed.

So, what happens once an area reaches its goal? Reaching the goal that is set on join.elevatefiber.com is just the first step. Once an area reaches the needed goal to move to the next phase there are a lot of different processes that must take place to ensure the build runs smoothly. Each zone can take months to complete depending on main fiber line installation, equipment, permitting, and then actual customer installations. If you want to know more about the construction process and equipment details, check out this FAQ. We know at times the process and timeline can be frustrating but thank you to all our members for the continued patience and excitement—we could not do this without all of you.

We try to keep all members informed on progress and announcements, but remember to follow us on Facebook to have access to the latest Elevate news and happenings. What zone is going to be next?

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