New Year House Cleaning - Removing Duplicate Preregistrations

3:12PM February 23, 2018

Thank you for supporting Elevate Fiber. Can you believe we're in year two of our project? Here's to another successful year.

We’re kicking off the New Year by doing a bit of house cleaning on our preregistrations. That means we’re deleting duplicate preregistrations and you may see a change in your zone’s goal status.

Remember, we use the preregistration information collected at join.elevatefiber.com to help us determine where to build next. In order to keep our preregistrations accurate, we will be deleting duplicate preregistrations. In some zones, there are enough duplicate preregistrations that you’ll see a reduction in the percentage to goal when they are removed.

Help keep things on track and remind people to only preregister once. If you’re not sure if you have preregistered, just give us a call at 877-687-3632. A customer service representative can confirm your Elevate preregistration.

Thank you for supporting Elevate – we look forward to bringing you the fastest and more reliable internet around!

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