Referral Contest Winner Announced

12:54PM August 30, 2016

At the 2016 DMEA Annual Meeting we launched a referral contest for Elevate Fiber. The member who referred the most preregistrations through July would win a smart TV—thank you to our winner Bobby (Robert) Orlando from Paonia for supporting Elevate and getting his friends, family, and neighbors to preregister for service. The Elevate Fiber project would not be possible without our communities support—thank you to all of our members.

"I feel that the faster internet and possibly the phone service will definitely add convenience and reduce wait time in my life but it’s the future possibilities for this region that really have me excited, my children and their children will not be limited by outdated technology—there is no limit with Elevate," Bobby told DMEA when he picked up his new TV. It is members like this and all of you who will take our area into the future.

Congratulations Bobby!

Pictured above: Smart TV winner, Bobby (Robert) Orlando from Paonia with DMEA CSR, Sheila Davis.

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