So you have preregistered—now what?

5:21PM August 05, 2016

We almost have 2,000 homes and businesses preregistered for Elevate Fiber service. This would not be possible without all of the DMEA members supporting Elevate Fiber. We are bringing super fast internet—1 Gig (1,000 Mbps)—to our communities, and are so excited. Thank you for your support!

In less than 6 weeks Paonia met the goal for construction to begin. Paonia construction will begin this fall with more details coming soon.

Will your community be next? To help raise awareness we wanted to let you know how you can help. We appreciate our members support, patience and questions while we work to launch Elevate service.

  • Login to your Elevate account and send postcards to all those in your area for FREE, we cover everything!
  • Attend our Elevate booth at our local events and show your support. 
    • Delta County Fair Aug 8-13
    • Cedaredge City Council Event Aug 18
    • Paonia Pickin' in the Park Aug 25
    • Olathe Fair Aug 27
  • Let others in your area know that all homes and businesses can preregister NOW. They do not have to wait until a goal is set. Interest levels from preregistration will guide our construction process. Your community could be next when enough people preregister.
  • Follow us on Facebook, like and share all of our posts.
  • Let us know what questions you have or have heard in the community by posting comments on our Elevate comment page or give us a call at 877-687-3632.


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