Thank You Champions!

3:49PM August 22, 2016

Raise your hand if you made it to the annual Orchard City Town Picnic. Now, raise it again if you had the opportunity to chat with a few of our dedicated Elevate champions, Terry Salisbury, Memory McDermott, and Jane Gage. We can’t say it enough: thank you! Thank you for supporting Elevate. Thank you for getting your friends, families, and neighbors excited. Thank you for being true champions!

It’s supporters like you who will make Elevate succeed. Think about it. More than 75 years ago, a handful of people were canvassing the countryside trying to convince their neighbors to join the co-op and bring electricity to the rural countryside. It’s time to relive that history and bring fast, reliable, and affordable internet to our communities.

So, go forth and conquer champions - we need you!

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