WITHIN REACH: Elevate internet and voice are now available in multiple communities.

2:54PM May 21, 2018

Moving at the speed you need is within reach in many areas across DMEA’s service territory. We have you to thank for that! How amazing is it that in a little under two years we’ve connected more than 3,000 people to our fiber network? We know we have many more miles and many more homes and businesses to go too.

Fifteen zones now have live service! If you live in any of the zones listed below and haven’t signed your contract, now is the time. Check the inbox of the email you preregistered with, give us a call at 877-687-3632, or send an email to customerservice@elevatefiber.com and we’ll hook you up with a contract and answer any additional questions you might have.

Zones with live service:

Cedaredge: 125 | 126

Hotchkiss: 48

Montrose: 336 | 415 | 417 | 418 | 425 | 426 | 427 | 721 | 813

Orchard City: 104

Paonia: 45 | 47

Don’t see your zone listed above? Don’t worry! Our project is driven by member interest, so tell your neighbors to get signed up today and help bring fiber to your community. In the meantime, help us continue to spread the word. Like us on Facebook and be sure to like and share out posts. 

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