It's great news for Orchard City 104. Home installations are set to kick off next week!

2:58PM March 16, 2017

If you’re in this zone and have preregistered for service, be sure to complete your contract so your name can be added to the installation ready list. You should have received everything you need via email earlier this week. Can’t find our email in your inbox? Don’t worry, just give us a call at 877-687-3632 and speak with one of our customer service representatives.

Remember, the construction process takes time—from the time you sign your contract to having live service in your home can take as much at 90 days. Thank you for the continued patience and support!

The work isn't over, Orchard City 104. Keep spreading the good word to your friends and neighbors to sign up before it’s too late. Once our crews leave the area, the installation price goes up to $199. Plus, the rest of DMEA’s service territory still needs your help. Help the other zones reach their goals by continuing to champion the project in your community.

  • Tell your friends, family members, and neighbors to visit join.elevatefiber.com and preregister today—they can also give us a call or stop by a DMEA office to get preregistered
  • Log back into your account at join.elevatefiber.com to send emails to your contacts, check progress for Montrose 425, and make sure you are set as an "Elevate Champion"
  • Follow us on Facebook to always be in the know and to share Elevate news on your wall with friends and family, or better yet post on our page why you are excited about Elevate coming to Montrose to get people excited
  • Show your support by displaying an Elevate yard sign in front of your home or business—just contact us at 877-687-3632 or at elevate@dmea.com.


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